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Cambria Residence - Landscape & Architectural Remodel

2004 Front Yard of Home Before
2018 Rice Residence Remodel

2004 -2015 was a time of evolution.  The Master Plan for this 1/2 acre Property addressed basic circulation.  Water Management was a priority and the a new creek bed replaced a wet weather ditch.  Flood control was also addressed during Phase 1 of the project, strategically terracing the lot proved. 

Transitioning the Structure of the surrounding landscape was addressed prior to most Interior & Architectural Improvements. 

There are 10 Landscaped zones on the property.  One being a Kitchen Garden.

View the Evolution 2004 Before Images thru 2018 Completion. Several Phases were needed.

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Hensley Residence - Landscape Concept Design

The  Owner wanted to explore a way to increase parking and retain an existing Kidney shaped pool and introduce a new Lap pool.

  • The old pool was transitioned into a pond / water feature
  • Pavers were introduced to expand the outdoor living space and repeated as parking pavers to maintain a cohesive design element.
  • Parking Alternatives were explored to help retain privacy.

Note: This ‘relaxed’ Sketching technique is helpful when communicating ideas and encouraging a dialogue with the Client.  The priority is to meet the Client’s need.  The Solution lies within that conversation.

Themed Interior Projects - Project Management

My time working with TSL Merchant Design, was full of exciting creative collaboration.  Many of our Clients were over seas. 

  • Themed Retail Shops
  • Themed Gaming Zones and Parlors

Each Project was full of high energy, tight schedules and challenging criteria.  Project Management was a Key Element to the Project’s success. 

Blue Sky Design Development led to Fantastical ideas and Launched the Team into a Collaborative Process.  My role as Project Manager allowed me to participate in each Phase of the Project.  Proving once again that Solutions are found through a Conversation – not a vacuum.

Fabric and Finishes

The Selection of Finish Materials for every Client will be determined by criteria often stipulated by that Client.   This  Process may be overwhelming for many individuals.  The objective is to assist in the process of building a package that is pleasing to the eye, budget sensitive when necessary and balanced to perfection.  (oh yeah…it is fun!)

Custom Details

Custom Cabinetry designed to be functional and beautiful. Detailing Tile/ Stone work and Re-purposing Vintage Furniture pieces is  a passion of mine. 

I am always excited to have the opportunity to draft up Critical Elevations and Details to help the Client and Fabricator grasp the concept.

Technical Drawing

While not every project requires Auto Cadd Drafting Services, I am happy to generate Construction Documents for those Clients that do.   These are easily shared with Professional Team Members electronically to minimize the need for paper, when possible.

There are often times – simple hand drafted  Elevations and Details will accomplish the Goal.

Preiliminary Design Concept