Explore your vision…one step at a time.

Living Space Design – Indoor  &  Outdoor

The exploration of what is best for Client is a sensitive, highly personal process. 

I take this responsibility very serious.  The needs of each Client are unique and therefore the conversation must always keep their criteria a priority.  

Phasing of a Project may be the answer to the question of feasibility.

Kitchen Designs

Yes, Form should always follow Function.  Together we will review how to produce a beautiful ‘Functioning’ Kitchen. 

Bathroom Designs

Revitalizing a Bathroom may feel like an overwhelming process.  You are entitled to a Lovely Space.   

I find clear communication and follow up with the Contractor and the  Sub-contractors to be key when Remodeling such a space for a Client. 

Logistics and Budget will frequently drive such a project and good project management skills will make for a positive experience.

Custom Mill-work Design

I love this Phase of a Project.  We will explore the criteria driving the need or desire for something unique and beautifully made.   Researching solutions created for others with similar needs will always aid and often accelerate the process.  Exposing Clients to creative solutions.

Commercial Design

I have always enjoyed working with Clients who are seeking to-  Improve the work environment for the staff;  Create beautiful space for their customers.  Whether its an Office Space – a Themed Restaurant or Retail Interior, I find these Projects intriguing.

Why me?

Regardless of the Project – its critical that  the Client feel comfortable and confident in the  Professional Team they retain.  I invest a tremendous effort with each Client to provide an honest, time  sensitive Service. I believe the Solution to each creative challenge is found in a collaborative conversation. 

Placing the Client’s need above all else.   Team Work is a priority.

Free Consultation

Let’s  sit down, review your overall criteria.   Discuss your vision of a productive, positive working relationship.  

I am happy to provide an estimate of time for each phase of your project.  We can review your need for additional Professionals and  Service Referrals.

My Latest Project

Recently I had the pleasure of reconnecting with long time Colleagues Brooke and Gary Moore (GD Moore & Company) We are currently assisting a Client with a major new  Furnishing Project.  

I invite you to browse images of projects I have had the privilege to work on.  ‘My Work’ Tab will take you there. 

I also invite you to browse  G.D. Moore’s website for more information on services we provide and a sample of Projects they are responsible for. www.gdmoore.com

Send me a message Email: Julia@juliaricedesign.com, Phone: 805-927-2215, Text: 805-909-9046